EA3 how process

Making sure we have an aligned goal, purpose and characteristics of the innovation & an overview of the ecosystem(s) and its stakeholders.

Time: 1-2 days

Process: interviews, research, mapping, validation

Method: innovation profiling & ecosystem pie model

Who: Eric with your key stakeholder(s)/team leader

A concise and comprehensive description (goal, purpose, type & ecosystem) of your innovation and the surroundings in which it will operate as the groundwork for a successful implementation.

Preparing and planning all aspects of the innovation implementation taking all aspects of the Idealogy into account.

Time: 3-5 days

Process: project planning, resource planning, business model mapping, team preparation meetings

Method: innovation projectmanagement, triple layer business canvas model, profile dynamics

Who: Eric, possibly some EA3 specialized staff & your innovation team

An actionable plan based on the profile of your innovation to assure a controlled completion.

Implementing the innovation based using the plan as a map and the profile as a compass will keep the process focussed, but at the same time allows for adaptations and detours when necessary of benificial.

Time: planned in the PREPARE step, but as short as possible.

Process: 5 days sprints & communication to all stakeholders

Method: innovation sprints, bulletin boards, experimental design & digital prototyping

Who: team determined in PREPARE step & the 'innovation board'


The innovation implemented as described in the profile.

To ensure proper initial and future functioning of the innovation in its ecosystem and in your organization its processes and assets, acquired skills, new tooling, additional resources and new partners are assimilated in both.

Time: approx. 10% of the DO step

Process: using the (updated) profile of the innovation as a stepping stone for maintaining and growing the benefits we assure micro D) steps on a continuous basis. Based on the innovation culture and framework the learnings and resources of the steps are integrated.

Method: culture mapping

Who: depending on the innovation structure and culture an existing body or core people out of the previous steps

The implemented innovation is integrated in its ecosystem and the organization. The side benefits of the innovation like acquired skills, new tooling, additional resources and new partners are assimilated in the organization and its ecosystems.